Adding layers

Even though I’ve lived in California for over two years, whenever the temperature exhibits even a hint of spring my icy cold Minnesotan roots tell me it’s time to clean out the closet and swap sweaters and snow pants for strapless dresses and tank tops.


Forever 21 Cutout Arrow ($4.80)

Since I now live in sunny Southern California, that change has dropped from a five-box swap to a one-box switch, but one thing still stays the same- my love of layering. Except in California instead of losing the long johns and multiple sweatshirts, I’ve shed the cotton and button-ups for layers of jewelry, and lots of it. Everywhere I go I’m on the lookout for a new tier of chain to add around my neck. So when I ventured to the second story of South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach, my eyes popped out of my head when I discovered that Forever 21 has an entire section sparkling with chains and other fun accessories. The geometric patterns caught my eyes first, but in the end it was the simple spiked silver ($3.80) necklace that stole my heart and fit perfectly between a small diamond necklace my fiancé got me for Christmas and another

SpikeForever 21 burnished silver cutout arrowhead pendent ($4.80). Now gobs of jewelry have never my style, but because of this season’s bright colored skinny jean trend, it makes the perfect accent on top of a plain white shirt without overpowering the look.

Express’ Stella Colored Brushed Sateen Leggings ($59 – $79) are my favorite new pair of pants and will be perfect until the spring transformation is complete and the hot California weather makes me want to cut my pants in half and hang my entire body out of my car window to cool down. Until then, I’m on the hunt for a colorful pair of floral shorts and will keep scissors out of my car.

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