Less is more

Hammitt Handbags new "GO"

Hammitt Handbags new “GO”

Ever since the rumored demise of the gigantic carryall ‘it’ bag, designers have been catering their styles to a smaller and more stylish carry-less-is-more bag. The new fashion has cut down on the amount of space women need when they sit down at the bar- and the people waiting outside for a seat are grateful. Instead of needing an extra chair to hold their 25-pound purse, a sleek new generation of clutches has started to grace the aching backs of fed up women everywhere. Plus, with the iPhone’s everything-in-one capability, it’s easier to leave the camera and magazine at home and slip your arm around a handbag that’s less stress on your back.

Hammitt Pewter "Morning Drive"

Hammitt Pewter “Morning Drive”

In bars across the South Bay it’s impossible not to notice a certain style that’s constantly on the arm of women- the classic Hammitt clutch.  This season the genius creators at Hammitt– known to many as the, “Bag Boys,” have come out with a super sassy update to their classic clutch, the “Go”. Their new classic collection clutch highlights their traditional rivet style with an abundance that says Hammitt- with a twist. The most exciting update to the new clutch is the functional external cell phone pocket that helps text-addicts to better access their Crackberries.  Their usual leather strap is updated with a chain accent that adds a little glam to the hip-beach handbags. As usual, their suede interior ups the ante and turns them from just another clutch in your closet to the main attraction. Keep your eyes peeled for Hammitt’s new collection, “Together With Friends.” Six new perfectly designed handbags that restyle their classics into a cast of leather beauties that are perfect out-and-about on the streets of L.A, or even just walking on the beach.

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