May Birchbox Surprise

I can never tell when the next month’s Birchbox is going to arrive or what’s going to be in it, so when it finally appears in my mailbox it never fails to perk me up. Because I’m a beach bum and a writer, this month’s box was especially exciting!

Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Eau de Parfum

Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Eau de Parfum

When I first opened the pretty little box and peeled back the pink paper, Isaac Mizrahi’s “Fabulous” Eau de Parfum practically shouted out at me because of the bright colors and fun summer scent.

Keri Russell May Women's Health Magazine

Keri Russell May Women’s Health Magazine

At first I wasn’t too stoked about the pen, but after losing all other writing utensils in the house, I picked up the pink acroball pilot ballpoint and decided that I was probably going to use that more than anything else in the box. I always seem to be initially underwhelmed with Birchbox’s non-beauty finds, but in the end I always seem to come around and love them. Like last month’s Women’s Health Magazine that JUST came in the mail- after drinking my morning coffee and skimming through the pages, I realized that it’s better than any of the other beauty magazines out there because it endorses not only fashion and beauty, but also promotes a good body image. When I got it in my last Birchbox I almost overlooked the subscription postcard and sent it to the trash before realizing that it was my ticket to a free year-long magazine subscription.

Coola Classic Sunscreen

Coola Classic Sunscreen

The Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face was immediately shoved into my bag for on-the-go sun protection and after spritzing a few dots of the perfume; I decided to slip it in a package for my sister for a little added scent surprise for when she opens the surprise box I’m sending her. I loved the smell, but I knew she would love it even more.

May Birchbox

May Birchbox

Last night before going out for drinks at the Rockefeller in Hermosa Beach I got down to business and tried the Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner, and realized that although unexpected, dark purple is a fun color to play around with because of my hazel eyes. I still haven’t tried the Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle hair elixir, but after I log off the computer and jump in the shower it’s the first thing I’m going to try.

For those of you who aren’t already signed up for a sample box subscription, I definitely recommend giving them a try. Birchbox is just $10 a month and is the best little perk to come in the mail every four weeks. It usually includes four or five beauty samples as well as one non-beauty staple. Since starting my subscription three months ago I’ve discovered at least five products that I love and one that I can’t live without! I initially started my subscription to find new products for my wedding day. So far I’ve added a lipgloss to my wedding day arsenal that I otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

I recently signed up for an IPSY box, so next month I’ll be comparing the two packages. May the best sample box win!

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