Denim for days

H&M Denim Shirt

H&M Denim Shirt

I was recently going through family photos to find a picture of my mom for mother’s day when I realized a funny family fact- my mom wore denim- gobs and gobs of denim. And to my surprise, after 25 years it doesn’t look as funny as I thought the trend was in high school.

After internalizing the revelation that my mom is stylish, it took me ages to find my own denim addition to my closet because as it turns out, its not called denim anymore. It’s called something far classier-chambray. After realizing that my vernacular was all wrong, I searched throughout the South Bay Galleria mall in Redondo Beach and very proudly asked sales ladies from the Gap, Express and Forever 21 for their “chambray section.”

After traipsing through the mall saying the word chambray as French sounding as I could to anyone who would listen, my search for the perfect jean summer shirt led me to a fashion choice I never expected. After scouring racks draped in the refashioned style, when I finally found the perfect fit it ended up being a sleeveless stone-washed shirt with pearlescent snap pockets that H&M refers to as simply as, “Denim Shirt.” ($24.95)

This summer’s staple top dips back in style time, but it was definitely time to bring it back.

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