Scalloped summer

Many lucky South Bay residents live only steps from the beach, and their day-to-weekend style often doesn’t change with a simple Saturday.

Katie Edson in Marshall's shorts, Target shoes and H&M bikini top.

Katie Edson in Marshall’s shorts, Target shoes and H&M bikini top.

Katie Edson, 28, who has lived in Hermosa Beach for over a year and a half, has wholeheartedly embraced the beach culture style with a simple and timeless sand-centric outfit.

Her bold red scallope-edged shorts from Marshalls (similar and DIY check back for sold out Urban Outfitters) add a little spice to a usually simple ensemble of shorts and a bikini top.

Instead of the usual flip-flop, Edson ditched the minimal thong style for a fun printed Target sandal ($16.99) and topped off the fun summer look with a green deep sweetheart H&M bikini top. (Similar [$19.95] at H&M ) Fun Roxy sunglasses round out the fresh look and add a sporty edge to the sweet shorts and sassy top.

While she lives by the beach now, Edson grew her fashion roots in D.C.

“D.C fashion is more conservative,” Edson said. “It’s fun to loosen up.”

Her favorite color is turquoise, and she’s glad it’s coming back into fashion. She expects to see more bright colors and fun prints this summer.

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