Strand mule

I’m not very picky when it comes to cocktails- all I require is a good time and a couple of fun friends.  However when I heard somebody refer to a drink as a, “vacation in a cup,” I decided that I was long due for a very relaxing getaway.

Strand Mule

Strand Mule

My friend was coming up from San Diego so I decided to take this mini booze vacay very seriously and checked instead of I came up with a form of a “Moscow Mule” that I recently fell in love with at Bouzy’s in Redondo Beach that eventually got refined many times and was finally perfected by Sunday night. I have dubbed it the “Strand Mule.”

Please note- amount of vodka is relative. This is the conservative version of the concoction.

1 and ¼ oz Vodka (your choice… pepper, lime, strawberry etc)

A couple slugs of Ginger Beer (Dependent on necessary potency)

Half of a lime; juiced- then throw it on in there

Angostura bitters- until it looks red and delicious

A tipple (shot-ish) of Peach juice (Trader Joe’s)

Crushed Hermosa Beach Farmer’s Market Strawberries (Buy the $6 ones, not the $5 batch)

Lots-o-ice (depending on location)

Be sure you aren’t moving anytime soon, and if you’re lounging at the beach make sure that you are using something other than the very obvious red cup to kick off your beach stay-cay.

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