On target

Liz Bravo forfeited the itsy bitsy polka dot bikini in favor of an itsy bitsy polka dot dress while visiting Hermosa Beach from Norwalk over the weekend.

Target Strapless Lantern Dress ($24.99)

Target Strapless Lantern Dress ($24.99)

The cute strapless ($24.99) is a favorite of Bravo’s because of how easy it is to match it with her colorful bikinis and other beach accessories. Another reason she chose the stylish cover-up was because of the easy breezy classic style of a strapless cotton summer dress.

“I just love polka dots and strapless, in the summer,” said Bravo “You can mix and match the colors and it’s just something easy to put on.”

Liz Bravo in a summer dress

Liz Bravo in a summer dress

Target’s new summer styles have really ramped up the variety and style variations this season. Their new Xhilaration dresses are perfect for beach fun and their color combinations bring the summertime scrubs from run-of-the-mill to snatch-it-up. Their new hard-to-find mint rayon Challis dress ($24.99) is the perfect color this season and their fit and flare polka dot dress ($24.99) says summertime fun on the sand without looking too structured.  Their denim-topped fit and flair printed dress ($27.99) is just the dress for summer barbeques and comes in an assortment of colors.

For more cover-up Target’s maxi dress ($29.99) options come in an assortment of lengths and colors. From color block ($21.99) to bright solids ($21.99), their range of colors and sizes work for any shape and look effortless on the beach.

They also have a plethora of high-low dress ($29.99) options that add just the right amount of sheer class to a beach party.

Even if you wouldn’t usually buy a dress from Target, take a stroll through their aisles and you’ll probably be surprised and end up with a cart full of cool summertime duds.

Target summer dresses ($21.99 - $29.99)

Target summer dresses ($21.99 – $29.99)

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