Summer specs

So, I have a theory about sunglasses thanks to my forgetful sister , I have now had a first test subject to prove my revelation right.

My theory is that the more you pay for sunglasses, the less likely you are to sit on, or forget them.

Now I know you’re thinking- “No way! the more expensive the more likely you are to do all those things that notoriously destroy them!”

Wrong. I’ve done the study a whole one time with very concrete results!

Ray Ban Wayfarers ($180

Ray Ban Wayfarers ($180)

Okay I have a couple more case studies to examine, but so far with my case subject of one my theory has been correct.

My little sister, who has the worst luck on the planet with both sunglasses and electronics, still has a pair of chunky men’s Ray-Bans she bought two years ago.

Since I recently sat on a pair of ($10) Costco sunglasses, I decided it was my turn to be the next test subject and make an investment in my specs. I hit the road and ended at my favorite mall, the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach.

Since Nordstrom always has an amazing selection of sunnies, and people who help you pick the perfect pair- I was drawn there first, but there are tons (sunglasses hut, Kohls, even H&M!) of other places to get sunnies in the mall.

Now there are about a million different sunglasses shapes to choose from, but today I was on the hunt for a pair of classic glasses that I could use for years- of course if I can prove my theory correct and successfully avoid sitting on them years…

One of my good friends can pull of the trendy cat-eye style really well, so I gravitated towards those before realizing that although I may have two cats, they really aren’t the best style for my face. Since I have an oval face, I ended up with a pair of classic polarized Ray Ban Wayfarer’s ($165) that were actually the same exact shape as the ones I had sat on a day earlier… Let the test begin!   perfect sunglasses for every face shape Interested in finding the perfect frames for your face this summer?

An oval face like Drew Berrymore’s goes well with geometric shapes as well as classic styles. Buck the fancy new trends and go classic with an always-in-style Ray-Ban Wayfarer from the Sunglass hut ($149.95) or go funky with angular frames like Lenscrafter’s purple rectangular Miu Miu style ($315) or play with a Nordstrom’s heart-shaped frames ($12). Have fun with your shape by experimenting with fun colors and do what others can’t and have fun with different shapes!

For a heart-shaped face like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Love Hewitt, go a little rock n roll with the classic Aviator ($144.95). The fun style helps balance the face and draws focus to the cheekbones. Avoid ornate embellishments; they’ll overwhelm you. Smaller cat-eye shapes also look good on your shape.

People with an oblong face like actress Liv Tyler or Sarah Jessica Parker can benefit from oversized frames that help break up the length of the face while adding width. For an old Hollywood flair check out Banana Republic’s oversized Emmy shades ($98). Large Emporio Armani sunnies from Macy’s make a bold statement ($190). Avoid narrow frames; they’ll make your face look disproportionate.

Round faces like Kelly Osbourne or Kate Winslet’s work well with angular or geometric sunglasses like this cat eye shape from Banana Republic. Their Mari sunglasses ($98) also wow and add definition to the round shape in a 50s kind of way.

Is your face angular with distinct cheekbones like Scarlett Johnasson , Kristen Dunst or Katie Holmes? Diamond-shaped faces look great in oval-shaped shades that extend about a quarter inch beyond your face. Bold frames update a classic shape with a pop of color ($78) and update any outfit.

Women with a square face, like Demi Moore, often have a hard time finding glasses that don’t overwhelm them and make their features too harsh. Go round, oval or cat-eye, but avoid angles. Wear a classic round frame like these Nine West Sunglasses at Macy’s (sale $40.99) or splurge and go ornate with Macy’s Prada glasses ($290). Add a little spunk to the typical summer look with a little hologram action ($10). Who doesn’t want to have the eyes of a lizard?

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