Perfecting polish

Finding the perfect color nail polish has turned from a drug store impulse buy to a life-long quest.

maximillian_strasse_herWhich is why when I recently impulsively bought one of Essie’s new summer colors ‘maximillian strasse-her,’ (a name I don’t understand), that I finally felt like my quest was at an end and I could finally put down the nail polish brush- I could finally be done with reckless neon’s and coral would undoubtedly be a thing of the past.

The awesome greenish-polish, as I call it, has turned to my daily go-with-anything color. The cool grey-green hue of the lacquer goes with almost any outfit and so far I’ve been getting daily complements on my new nails.

Essie describes says, “bavarian style savvy rules this regal boulevard. with nails of cool grey green, you’re promenade queen, no tiara required.” Okay I almost get that…But I really just like the way it matches with both my mint and pink pants.

Other new colors colors run the gamut from bright red ‘hip-enema’ too a muted ‘go-ginza’ pink.

The best part is- after I learned how to seal in the polish on my tips, it lasts forever! Well 3 – 4 days in nail polish time is forever, right?

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