Pop of print

My adventurous ways normally only extend to sports- not style- so when I started seeing printed shorts show up on the shelves I was skeptical.

An encounter at the beach changed my ideas and I made it my mission to find the perfect pair of printed shorts. So far, I’ve found two-, which is a pretty good start to my new collection of booty covers.

Forever 21

Forever 21 Abstract Floral Print Shorts ($17.80)

My boy is constantly complaining about the floral trend. He says that anything with flowers on it looks like it should only be worn in the garden. Personally I’ve never seen a redundant flower wearing and planting gardener, but he grew up in St. Louis so I don’t really know what they do in that part of the country.

Due to his concern for my fashion sense, I decided to stay away from floral prints. However, I think I successfully skirted his scorn with a pair of “Abstract Floral Print Shorts,” ($17.80) from Forever 21 at the South Bay Galleria. I’ve worn them twice already and he hasn’t said a peep about flowerbeds or watering cans, so I think I’m in the clear.

They also veer away from pastel, something I wasn’t against, but also not totally for. The contrast black and white trim on the top of the shorts is great little addition that makes a simple t-shirt look put together and playful.


Express shorts ($49.99)

It’s no secret that I’ve recently become obsessed with Express and their new fun yet simple styles. So when I saw that they had their own version of printed shorts ($49.90… but wait for sales) I was in the dressing room and in the checkout so fast you wouldn’t even have had time to see the print. The shop has a couple of options, including a few pastel floral pairs, but my favorite is the blue paint-striped 2-inch cutoffs.

“A sexy little short that’s packed full of the bold print look you love. Just add a basic tee and sandals and you’re stylishly set for a warm, laid back day,” the description says.

Yes, I do love the bold print look, and basic tees are totally my jam. PLUS I live hot in Southern California and they’re super soft. Oh Express, you know me so well.

Keep checking back for more adventures in printed shorts…

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