Brooklyn on the beach

Heather Ditmars in Hermosa Beach

Heather Ditmars in Hermosa Beach

Brooklyn resident Heather Ditmars was spotted off the pavement of New York flaunting her beachwear on Hermosa Beach last Saturday.

Instead of the usual summer dress or short shorts that’s usually seen on the sand, Ditmars when for jeans and a crop top along with a swimsuit that showed off her own personal style.

She got her crop top at American Apparel (similar here, $28), the neon colored crop-top specialist and summer staple store of choice for many in LA.

Her sassy suit is part of the new H&M Beyonce Bikini Collection ($4.95 – $19.95). She topped the outfit off by going barefoot in the sand. Her chevron-shaped statement necklace adds a touch of spunk to her already fun beachwear.

“I support everything Beyonce does,” Ditmars said with a smile.

Since she’s a vegan Ditmars went for a small immitation-leather off the shoulder H&M bag ($14.95) that holds all the small beach essentials necessary to stave off the hot Hermosa UV rays.

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