Pillow talk

Beach style isn’t just a closet kind of thing- it extends to all over the home- especially in the South Bay. No matter how colorful or cute, “This way to the beach,” wall hangings can sometimes seem a little chintzy, which is why I love Cat Studio embroidered pillows and other items from downtown Hermosa Beach shops.  The colorful fun-loving couch accessories add a coastline statement that literally says California. The beautiful hand-embroidered pillows feature the name and landmarks of all 50 states- not just our beautiful sunny state.

Shryne Design in Hermosa Beach

Shryne Design in Hermosa Beach

The California pillow, like all the other 49 pillows, features bright colors and fun embroidered symbols that represent each state. The California pillow  ($152) showcases the sunny west coast state with surfers, sea lions and the San Francisco Bridge.

Shryne Design, a beautiful beach design themed shop owned by South Bay-based designer Shanna Shryne located at 910 Hermosa Avenue carries the squishy style ($162) along with other beach-themed pillows. Shryne loves printed pillows made from recycled plastic soda bottles from designer Alexandra Ferguson. They say things like “The Good Life,” or “It Wasn’t Me” ($99). Shryne Design also has pillows from Sugarboo Designs– a family-run pillow and mercantile company that is inspired by nature and children’s art.

“They’re fun and whimsical,” Shryne said about the pillows in her shop. “The bright colors go well with the casual beach atmosphere.”

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