I did it! I finally found a similar cutout top like the one Emily VanCamp wore on the first episode of season two of the ABC TV show Revenge.

Annina Vogel Victorian Brooch Conversion Necklace

Annina Vogel Victorian Brooch Conversion Necklace

Since the first scene of the show I ogled the beautiful top for the entire hour-long episode, eventually stalking it down online only to find it was a silk Reena Top from Joie ($248) – definitely not the kind of price I pay for something that’s white.

I was crushed, but determined- and five months later I was victorious.

I found the wonderful white tank while browsing through the ‘last and final’ rack at Nordstrom in the South Bay Galleria and literally screamed. A sales lady came up to me to ask what was wrong, and all I could stutter was the single word, “found…” with a very dazed yet excited look on my face. 

While I love Emily’s character’s simple style- I love following the style blog of another character on the show, Ashley Madekwe. Her blog, “Ring my Bell,” is full of sassy L.A. style and tons of fun giveaways- that people actually win! I am constantly coveting her shoe collection and easy sense of style.

A new designer that Ashley’s blog has turned me on to is British jewelry designer Annina Vogel. She’s reinvigorated my passion for small shiny things that look like animals and adorn my neck and keeps me wishing that I were a European princess with huge diamonds and an even bigger budget.

For now, I’ll settle with my exciting shirt dopleganger and dress up my new fabulous top with some big bling costume jewelry.

Joie ($248) vs. Pleione ($48)

Joie ($248) vs. Pleione ($48)

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