Rompin’ around

I finally did it- I bit the bullet and I bought something I thought would never hang in my closet. What is this dreaded piece of clothing you ask? Well… I’m finally not ashamed to admit it.

Urban Outfitters ($29)

Urban Outfitters ($29)

I bought a romper.

The thing with a romper- or so I always thought- was that it was synonymous with camel toe.

Turns out, that’s not always the case ($39). (Please note, without the perfect fit, your crotch could be caught in this not so flattering look)

My Pinterest addiction led me to find a beautiful v-necked outfit that come to find out, was actually a romper. I decided that it was my turn to try the style.

I checked online and found a picture of Blake Lively in an adorable green chevron accented one-piece that I completely coveted, but soon realized that her mile-long legs are a little different than my 5’ 2” stumps… and I might have a more difficult time pulling off the style.

I searched around and eventually found a “Sparkle & Fade” Knit Surplice Romper. (Was $54 now $29) The model looked laid-back and hip- a frame of mind that I never really associated with a romper.

However, when I got it in the mail (one day after ordering it online) I found that sans camel toe, a romper is just a cute dress with shorts ($198). Because it’s black, it goes with pretty much anything, and it’s super easy to slip on. (The only problem is using a public bathroom and getting it on and off!) Even though it’s black and might get kinda hot, I’m going to be wearing this onesie all summer with a big belt, a couple fun layered necklaces and a pair of colorful wedges. Talk about an amazing beach cover-up- I’m in love!

AX Paris US ($32), UO ($39), Piperlime ($228), Revolve Clothing ($198)

AX Paris US ($32), UO ($39), Piperlime ($228), Revolve Clothing ($198)

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