Minty Fresh

I’m getting married by the beach in October and our color theme is Turquoise-ish.

4 for $3.50 from Etsy seller 'Ingredients for Lovely'

4 for $3.50 from Etsy seller ‘Ingredients for Lovely’

I’ve realized that there is no one true turquoise, so we’re going for a bunch of different shades- to make it cohesive by not being the same. (My theory that nobody else agrees with)

One thing I’ve learned from this wedding planning adventure is that I LOVE turquoise colored things, and most importantly, MINT things. It’s the perfect color for both spring and summer and I’m excited to start wearing more of my new mint clothing collection once I start to get a little bit of a tan.

Once you start looking for mint clothes, you find them everywhere. Plus, it’s so much fun to mix one mint piece with the rest of my neutral-colored (black, white, gray) wardrobe.

My FAVORITE piece of mint clothing is my Stella Colored Brushed Sateen Leggings ($79.90). They are so soft and wonderful and make a casual outfit a little funky by adding a great minty flair.

I’m still coveting a pistachio demi bandeau from L Space Swim ($110) that my friend keeps raving about- but for now I have the Seafoam Glow Push-Up Bandeau Top from Victoria’s Secret (On sale $21)

I sent all my bridesmaids a bottle of Essie Turquoise and Caicos ($8) nail polish along with a little turquoise bird charm (4 for $3.50) from my favorite Etsy seller, Ingredients for Lovely, for a pre wedding present, and to spread my turquoise and mint love. I also wear my own bird around my neck on a long silver charm layered with some other fun pieces from the same seller as well as the great Essie color on my nails almost everyday. They’ve both become some of my favorite wardrobe staples and add a little excitement to everyday wear.

Summer style is never perfect until you find the perfect beach bag or towel and Nate Berkus nailed it with his cotton beach towel designs at Target ($17.99). They’re durable and fashionable- two great qualities in a summer staple.

Now you know I’m a slave to Hammitt handbags, but sometimes the classic leather clutch is just too polished and I have to go with something fun and colorful like a small cross-body clutch from Aldo ($50). Of course, I always go back to my Hammitt Getty Clutch in the end.

I’ve been trying to break in my wedding shoes, a beautiful pair of Vince Camuto Blue Goddess True Suede Elaine pumps ($60 at outlet), at any event or excursion that won’t get them too dirty. They’re a beautiful shade of turquoise that will server perfectly as my ‘something blue.’ Although they’re not mint, they also liven up any outfit. (Especially my wedding dress!)


My favorite piece of mint clothing (besides my mint pants… who am I kidding, I love them all!) is my Express Stretch Cotton Skater Dress ($39.99). Like all of Express’ new clothes, it’s high-quality and amazingly soft. Unfortunately I can’t wear it too often because it’s so noticeable. So far I’ve worn it to the beach, work and just hanging around the house, and every time somebody comments on it. It’s perfect!

Although I’m afraid mint will go out of style quickly, I’m definitely loving it now, and everything I find in the color I love!

What are your mint-colored favorites?

4 thoughts on “Minty Fresh

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  3. I have that skater dress and love it! Unfortunately, I spilled wine all over it. Is your dress a size small? Would you be willing to sell this? I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

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