Squeaky clean

My sister Sara’s pretty much the best- she lives in Kailua, Hawai’i and skateboards around town barefoot. She does horseback trail rides for her job and is basically all around fabulous. (And my superhero maid-of-honor)

Recently she sent me an amazing care package. The best part of the package, besides the awesome shell friendship bracelet, is a totally ingenious bar of soap. I opened the package and the soap’s scent basically blew my mind. So. Amazing. It seriously smelled like Hawai’i and brought me back to hanging at the beach on a hot summer day with a magazine and a smoothie.

She said it’s called Pikake- and I tracked it down to a shop called the Bubble Shack. (She got it at Whole Foods) Thankfully she sent two bars of soap so I put one in the shower (and told the boy not to touch it) and the other in my undies drawer for a burst of good-panty smell.

The best part of the soap is the loofah inside. (So simple but so smart) It get’s ya clean and exfoliates at the same time. Bam… Genius!

If she doesn’t send me another batch I’m gunna haveta look up how to make my own soap and figure out how to infuse a loofah into it.

Thank you Sara- best package ever!

Piake soap from Kailua, Hawaii

Pikake soap from Kailua, Hawaii

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