Weekend Guest: “California Style” continues to elude me

This Saturday’s ‘Weekend Guest’ Sydney-based writer, Jill-of-all-trades and blogger for Some Frisky Business asks California girls how to pull of the California-cool style. If you think you’ve got it nailed, give her some tips in the comment section. Enjoy!
~Strand Style Stalker

Frisky Business

There are some styles I feel, as a pale, redheaded, short chick, I will never be able to pull off. Probably the most prominent of these is the ever-alluring “California-girl” look. You know what I mean – the impossibly pretty disheveled look, the “oh-you-just-caught-me-on-my-way-home-from-a-beach-picnic” aesthetic, the perfect even tan, and the paper thin, drapy clothes.

You know, a little something like this:

Do you know what I would like if I tried to pull this off? Literally a ratwoman, that’s what. Magazines advocate using sea-salt spray to get that “beachy texture” in your hair. If I do that, my hair becomes a massive fuzz-ball that looks like a ginger yield sign on my head. Not the look we’re going for here.

Don’t even get me started with bronzer, because I can’t even with that stuff.

Not to mention the fact that my skin will never be that effortlessly tan. I…

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