Summer scarf

This awesome light-weight summer scarf ($9.99 out of stock, but other colors are still available) is getting wrapped up and sent in a care package to my bestie sometime this week (ALEX DON’T READ THIS POST)- but before it makes the long journey to Maine, I had to share it with you!

As you may have noticed- mint’s my favorite color. What you might not know is that chevron’s my new favorite print. (I’ve actually never really had a favorite print before… Can solid mint be a print?)

This awesome scarf combines the color and fabric combo in a magically soft and fashionable combination.

Scarves are my go-to fashion piece for traveling, so I’m constantly stocking up on new prints and fabrics. Incidentally they are also my go-to gift- cause ‘come on….. who doesn’t need another scarf? They’re like shoes, you can never have too many!

Even when the summer heats up and you want to strip off all your clothes and jump in an arctic pool, scarves are still useful. On one particular trip I remember using a scarf as a cover-up, pillow, blanket, towel and even satchel. The best use for scarves here in Hermosa Beach is as an awesome beach towel or cute coverup.

Francesca's Collection Mint Melrose Chevron Scarf ($9.99)

Francesca’s Collection Mint Melrose Chevron Scarf ($9.99)

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