June Birchbox

I’m sorry to say, but I’m giving Birchbox just one more month to step up their game. This month’s box was shipped quickly, but the contents weren’t spectacular. And since getting Ipsy, another glamor sample box, I’ve realized how great the makeup boxes can really be. Plus, my wedding budget is starting to get tight and slightly terrifying (4 more months!!!) and I’m going to have to cut some corners pretty soon. (Sorry Sunday LA Times and morning coffee run with the girls)

This month's Birchbox theme was, "Away we go!"

This month’s Birchbox theme was, “Away we go!”

Even though it wasn’t up to snuff, it was still fun to get the fun box in the mail and open the pink paper to reveal it’s contents.


The Tweezerman Filemate Matchbox Itty Bitty Nail Files ($7.99)

This month’s theme was “Away We Go,” and the best part of the box was the four cute postcards that were this month’s extra (Get ready for some postcards Sara!). The Tweezerman Filemate Matchbox Itty Bitty Nail Files ($7.99) was also pretty cute! I’ve already received a nail file as an extra in an earlier box, but these ones were definitely a fun surprise!

Reign in Spain- Wanderlust Colorclub Coral nail polish ($2)

Reign in Spain- Wanderlust Colorclub Coral nail polish ($2)

Another exciting surprise was the little (0.25 oz.) Color Club Wonderlust nail polish ($2).

“Each color is named after one of Birchbox’s international headquarters: Barcelona, London, New York, and Paris. London Calling, a sunny green, makes us think of the city’s myriad green spaces, while the fiery coral of Reign in Spain evokes summer days under the Mediterranean sun. Pardon My French’s lavender represents our love affair with the candy-colored arrays of macarons in the City of Light’s iconic bakeries. Finally, there’s Mod in Manhattan, a brilliant off-white that represents the glow of the mega-watt city at night,” the description says.

I got Reign in Spain, a pretty opaque coral color. I am constantly buying nail polish, and coral is always a star color on my toes, so it was perfect!

Another star piece of this month’s Birchbox, although small, was the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (~$2) I’ve used it a couple of times and although it smells (and tastes… whoops) surgery good, it leaves my face feeling tight and squeaky. (Anyone know what I’m talking about?) I’ve used it a couple of times but always follow it up with my daily cleanser ($8.99) to wash away that tight feeling.

The biggest disappointment in the box was the dang fragrance sample (Juicy Couture- Viva La Juicy $70). I don’t know why, but those teeny tiny scent vials always make me feel jipped. They’re good for about two squirts then done… and most of the time don’t smell that good either. Oh well.

I was stoked about the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lip stain ($26.55) until I wore it to work and my boss said, “You look like a little kid dressing up.” Jeeze buddy, thanks for the pick-me-up. Maybe that’s why I’m down on this month’s box, but really- that’s why I love both Birchbox and Ipsy. They send out different cosmetics that I otherwise wouldn’t try. Little kid dressing up? I’ll take that- at least I’m having fun while doing it!

Tip for Birchbox: Allow subscribers the ability to request 1 – 2 specific samples in their box every month. It would make people a whole lot happier!

Birchbox "Away We Go" postcards

Birchbox “Away We Go” postcards

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