Hermosa Beach, California

The one month anniversary of Strand Style recently passed right by me without much fanfare or even acknowledgement last week. (whoops!)

I wanted to take a couple minutes and recognize the wonderful beach city town featured on this blog- Hermosa Beach, California. I also keep my eye on the fashion in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, but for beach style, Hermosa is the star player in my beach beauty blog posts.

Strand Style Beach Beauties

Strand Style Beach Beauties

Walking along the beach or down the Strand can almost always yield at least two fabulously fashionable local women, and they never fail to inspire me with their laid-back yet sophisticated style.

Plus, every single person I have talked to so far has been amazingly sweet and gracious. (Thank you!)

So far, after just a month of walking the beach I have determined that if I were to define South Bay style with one word, I would say- effortless.

As for my style, I have definitely seen a shift in my wardrobe to more simplistic outfits with fun, fashionable touches.

When I sat down to talk to a Nordstrom stylist (post coming up) about how she defines the typical ‘South Bay woman’ she said, “She’s stylish without really trying.”

I definitely agree, I just wish I could perpetually walk up to my closet, pick out the perfect outfit and look seriously stylish without much effort. Until then… I’m going to keep walking the beach, photographing and asking California women exactly how they do it.

Hermosa Beach, California

Hermosa Beach, California

Thanks for a great first month!
~Strand Style Stalker

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