Top 5 Pinterest pins

Okay, I’m obsessed. I’m getting married in October (you probably already know THAT little fact) so I used that as an excuse to get Pinterest, a virtual inspiration pegboard-style photo-sharing website that I spend hours on end exploring.

It’s definitely a down the virtual web-rabbit hole kind of thing, but it doesn’t just get me surfing the web, it gets me off my buns trying fun projects around the house and elsewhere.

Here are a couple of my favorite pins

5. I put this at number five because it’s not that fun, but it’s so useful! Pinterest is amazing for cleaning ideas (shortcuts, natural solutions etc…)

Frugally Sustainable” uploaded this HUGELY popular shower head cleaning solution, and it really works! I didn’t have a twisty tie, so I cut a hair bindey and used that instead.

-1/3 cup baking soda
-1 cup white vinegar
-1 plastic bag
-1 large bag twisty tie

pinterest showerhead cleaner natural

Use this ”explosive“ homemade cleaner to blast away all of those hard water deposits that are blocking your showerhead.

Other awesome cleaning posts include an easy vinegar microwave cleaner, tips to clean and revive your mac, a scare-tactic post about the necessity of cleaning pillows and a rockin’ home-made makeup brush cleaner.

4. Pinterest isn’t just good for cleaning projects, it’s awesome for gift ideas. I found this idea to frame maps with heart markers of where we’ve lived together and turned it into a fun personalized present for the boy.

What I did- Found correct aspect ratio maps and magic wand outlined them in photoshop. I then copied and pasted them onto a blank canvas and filled it with my favorite color. For different states I made the colors opposite of the last image. I printed them off my favorite photo printing site Shutterfly and BAM, personalized home-made present!

Pinterest Version

Pinterest Version

My version

My version

3. This awesome Christian Louboutin-inspired idea helped me give new life to a pair of old black shoes I was about to throw out. Sometimes doing one little change can make a BIG difference. The only problem was that the nail polish was slightly sticky and the bottoms of the shoes were slightly destroyed after just one use.


Pinterest version

My version

My version

2. Pinterest is all about the mason jar. While I’ve bought dozens of new ‘vintage’ glass jars for various projects, one in particular is my favorite, and I even improved upon it. 😉

Blogger ‘She’s Crafty,’ posted a mason memory jar idea.


Mason Jar Memory Jar- Pinterest version

I decided to make it more personal and cut out squares of pretty paper for a sort of mini-mason jar journal of happy memories. Whenever something happens that I’m proud of or want to remember, I write it down on one of the paper’s and put it in the jar. They say things like, “Hammitt sample SALE! 2 handbags :)” or “My mama visited and we saw Fleetwood Mac together & snuck in rum packets.” There are even a couple of random ones from friends I bullied into adding. When I’m feeling kind of blah, it’s fun to get the jar out and remember something that made me happy or proud in the past.

Mason jar mini-memory journal

Mason jar mini-memory journal- My version

1. My numba one, all time favorite pin is from blogger ‘Grasping for Objectivity‘, an awesome mom blogger from Alabama. The post I love best of hers is, “An Inconvenient Gap of Truth,” a blog unveiling the truth about Gap and Old Navy- an the fact that they make mom jeans. I love this post so much because I read it and imminently went to the mall to check out here theory, and she was right.

Her post goes something like this…

Nearly every denim makeover I’ve done ends with the same conversation.

“I had no idea what a difference it would make – I thought I was safe with Gap jeans!”


“Oh my goodness why didn’t anyone tell me I was wearing Mom Jeans?? I thought that as long as I was shopping at Old Navy, I was fine!!”

Gap and Old Navy denim.  A subject that I’ve long struggled over whether to address publicly or not.  I’ve revealed the truth about them one-on-one for quite a while, but have feared the backlash of addressing it here.

I know it’s hard to swallow, because we’ve all worn them at one time or another.

But I must say it, because I am committed to being honest with you in all matters of denim.

So read it fast – like ripping off a band-aid.


Gap and Old Navy sell Gateway Mom Jeans.

Gap Makes Mom Jeans, a blog made Pinterest by 'Grasping for Objectivity.'

Gap Makes Mom Jeans, a blog made Pinterest by ‘Grasping for Objectivity.’

I took her post one step further and tried on the jeans she suggested don’t look like mom jeans, and it lead me to my new all-time favorite shop for jeans- Express. I definitely suggest you check out her post and get your butt in some new non-mom-jeans.

Thank you so much ‘Grasping for Objectivity,’ you saved my butt, literally.

After going through my Pinterest, I realized that I’m definitely going to be putting up more of these themed-Pinterest posts! (Favorite recipes, wedding ideas, fashion DIY, nail art, gift ideas etc…)

~Strand Style Stalker

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