Perfect in mint

I seriously SLAMMED on my breaks on 8th Street by Fresh & Easy in Hermosa Beach when I saw Tara Schoellermann’s awesome mint jeans as she was walking to her car, groceries in hand.

She was gracious enough to get out of her car after I yelled out to her to stop from my passenger window, and let me shoot a few photos of her outfit in the grocery store parking lot. (Thanks TARA! I still totally feel like a creeper, but you’re a good sport!)

Tara Schoellermann in Hermosa Beach

Tara Schoellermann in Hermosa Beach

Even though I feel slightly creepy, I’m so glad I spotted her, because she is wearing my ideal outfit.

Her mint Limited jeans are unfortunately no longer available (here) but do not fret! I did find two pairs, one from Revolve Clothing ($105) and one from J Brand ($279.76) that come highly recommended. Of course, I own the much cheaper but just as lovely Express version ($29).

The best part of her outfit is how simple, yet totally stylish it is. The mint jeans add such a fun pop of color and mint, at least in my world, is totally in right now.

“They’re better than white pants, and unique,” Tara, 35 from Hermosa Beach, said.

Her leopard-print belt (Zebra print $32.90) is also from The Limited and she bought her top at Old Navy ($16). I’m also totally jonesin’ on her minimalist Sam Edelman wedges ($80 – $120).

Tara- you’re a woman after my own closet heart, thanks for stopping and let me share your style with other women!

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