G.M. Collin Mineral BB Cream

Beautiful BB

I’ve been holding off with this BB Cream review because I’ve been testing it out for about two weeks now and couldn’t find the right way to make it work for my very white skin tone. Now, after a couple weeks of trial-and-error, I can safely say it’s my new favorite beach bag essential.

When I first got my hands on the tinted G.M. Collins Creme Mineral BB Cream with an SPF of 25 ($46), I horrified myself by applying too much. It bled into my eyebrows in a weird orange color and there was a massive line around my jaw. I eventually learned to first apply a moisturizer and then add a tiny amount of the velvety BB cream on my nose, cheeks and forehead. You can’t get it too close to the hairline otherwise it will smoosh in with your hair and make funny little flakes.

In the end, what I learned is that this is not a regular day-to-day BB cream. What it is though is something I’ve been looking for- a great way to have tinted sun coverage throughout during a day at the beach. It’s self-adjusting pigments actually work and gave me a sun-kissed glow that I’ve been getting multiple compliments on since using the product.

I really love all the benefits the product touts and actually does deliver on- it’s moisturizing without being greasy and saved my skin from an afternoon sun burn when I forgot my sunscreen at home. (My nose is always getting sunburned!) The tinted color wouldn’t be the greatest for winter, but since it’s mid-summer and my face has finally gotten some color, the tinted color enhances my summer glow.

G.M. Collin Mineral BB Cream SPF 25
G.M. Collin Mineral BB Cream SPF 25
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G.M. Collin has provided me with a sample of their Mineral BB Cream for purposes of providing a review. I received the product at no charge to me and I am under no obligation to return the product but can keep it for me own personal use.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful BB

  1. Great review! I really liked that you took the time to make it work for you because all too often, if a product doesn’t work with my skin right away, I automatically assume it’s not good. Thanks for the review!

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