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Hurray hurrah I got my first Influenster VoxBox in the mail a couple days ago! The best part is that it was filled with wonderful Mary Kay products, and they all rocked! P.S. I learned that when I have been tweeting for the past couple weeks, I’ve been spelling it ‘Influencer,’ and it’s actually ‘Influenster.’ Whoops….

Mary Kay Influenster Vox Box

Mary Kay Influenster Vox Box

Influenster is a pretty awesome program where you write reviews, answer questions and participate in Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook conversations and Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 6.11.58 PMcompanies send you products based on your expertise. Since I have a 91/100 on the ‘Beauty Queen’ expert badge, they sent me a box of Mary Kay products to try out.

I am always super excited to get my beauty boxes in the mail, but this one was especially exciting. I remember going to Mary Kay parties with my mom growing up and getting the little samples to take home. I was probably 10 or even younger, and it was SUPER exciting to get little packets of lipstick or eye shadow to play around with. Well… with this box, I felt sort of like that. Isn’t it weird how old memories come back when you see or smell certain things?

Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15)

Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15)

The box had five different things for their “Influenster Starlet On-The-Go Kit.” The best product was something I have never tried before, lash primer. (Cause really, what’s the point?) THE POINT IS, that it makes my lashes look even better after I put on the mascara. Woot woot! They looked thicker and more defined, I don’t know why- must be magic! The Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening mascara ($15) was pretty good too, but I’m going to stick to my usual Clinique high impact extreme volume mascara ($19.50). The lash primer is being added to my morning routine though!

Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick ($18)

Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick ($18)

Lovin the lipstick!

Lovin the lipstick!

I also really liked the Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18). It was light and velvety on my lips (weird way to explain it, but for some reason it totally fits), but it didn’t last as long as I hoped. However, when it faded it left a nice pink tint behind that was even better than when it was vibrant.

The only part I didn’t like about the package was the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22)  I’m going to keep playing around with it, but it is almost too faint, and when I tried to make it thicker it got slightly clumpy. I experimented by combining it with my BareMinerals purple ‘idol’ eyecolor ($9), but that didn’t work either. I’m just going to have to keep playing around. I’m excited to see if anybody else found a way to work with it that looks awesome- tips and tricks would be highly appreciated!

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22)

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22)

The Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/ Concealer Brush was a really nice addition to all the fun cosmetics, and I will definitely be using it for other things as well as the cream eye color!

All-in-all I think Mary Kay put together a really great Influenster package full of great everyday wear makeup and even some extra fun pieces like the violet eye color! I’m very honored they sent it my way, and am excited for more boxes to come in the future. Thank you Mary Kay and Influenster!

voxbox-blogimage-popup2*Mary Kay provided these products to me to try for free through the Influenster VoxBox program, I was not expected to give them positive reviews or recommend them if I didn’t believe they were good products. 


2 thoughts on “Mary Kay Influenster

  1. Great review! I didn’t know there was something like “lash primer” around, I will definitely look for one for myself, my lashes are too short and thin. And also, awesome pictures! They look incredible in the sand 🙂

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