Ingredients for Lovely

Please let me introduce you to my all-time favorite Etsy seller, Jessie from Ingredients for Lovely.

Ingredients for Lovely triangle locket

I first found her shop while I was trolling Etsy for little baubles and midi rings ($10). By baubles, I mean anything I could find on Etsy that was cute and cheap and I could tie to a string.

“I believe that to create something that you love and are proud of, you need great supplies. That’s why I offer a wide range of beautiful items… or as I like to say, “Ingredients for Lovely,'” the store’s info says.

4 for $3.50 from Etsy seller 'Ingredients for Lovely'

4 for $3.50 from Etsy seller ‘Ingredients for Lovely’

I have spent a great deal of money at her shop- and I love every single thing I’ve bought  (remember my turquoise birds?). My theory is that she sells the things on her site that other people sell on Etsy- without the chain or extras, for $20 less.

I love her store! One thing I really liked that I bought from her (that also came with a chain) was a little bitty succulent necklace (dome $3.99, complete plant not available now). It’s a little tiny plant in a Beauty and the Beast-like dome, on a necklace. I know, so cool!

My favorite purchase, and favorite necklace of all time, is a double sided glass triangle frame pendent hinged locket ($7.99). It works well by its self or with things in it. (My friend’s husband has a lot of fun putting things in it at dinner like salt and pepper or pizza pepper flakes… Good for toppings later?) It’s really great quality, and I get compliments on it almost daily.

She also sells a bronze octogon-frame locket ($7.99) and even a square one ($7.99). She has more than 55 pages of well-prices awesome items and whenever I stop by I always find something new and fun.

Check her out and discover her shop’s awesomeness for yourself.

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