The July Birchbox that broke the camel’s back

Alright Birchbox– you were warned.


The last three month’s boxes were not up to snuff, so… I finally decided it was time to cancel. I’ll be sorry to not get their monthly pink boxes in the mail, but after subscribing to another Glam Box- Ipsy… I’ve realized that the samples in my Birchbox were kinda puney. For those of you with Birchbox- what do you like / dislike about the subscription service?

birchboxThis month’s box had five things in it- DFF Acne Control Treatment, La Fresh Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover, Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask and well as purmineral CC Cream and WEI Pomegranate Buffing beads.

I wanted to hold off my post and cancellation and give all of the items a thorough test run before I made any decisions…. but so far the only thing that I have liked is the Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask ($42).

Small samples from Birchbox

Small samples from Birchbox

“Most mud masks feel like paper-mâché creations once they dry on our faces. Not so with this super-soft mask from WEI™. It purges all kinds of debris from your skin—from excess oil to environmental pollutants—leaving your pores nearly invisible,” the Birchbox Breakdown says.

I thought it was a great creamy mask, it didn’t get hard and flaky like most masks, and it left my skin soft after washing it off- but then again, so does a regular face wash. For me, putting on a face mask always indicates a spa night, and tells the boy to stay away- so it was a fun ‘experience,’ but I wasn’t too hot about the product.

I really liked the smell of the La Fresh Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover ($9.99). I grabbed them and dropped them in my bag for my weekend away at Comic Con, and used them both morning and night. They definitely took my make-up off and also left a lingering natural scent that was nice when I was falling asleep on Friday. However, I don’t think I would purchase them in the future.

The DDF Acne Control Treatment cream ($36) is an example of why I cancelled my Birchbox subscription… a .05 oz. bottle just isn’t big enough to actually see results. I tried it for a couple of nights, but so far it’s just dried out my skin, and it’s already gone!

July Birchbox

July Birchbox

The same goes for the Pür Minerals CC cream ($38). It lasted about four days, and I still wasn’t sure if I was into it or not.

The beauty extra- the WEI Pomegranate Buffing Beads- are slightly confusing to me. What exactly is a buffing bead?

I’m sorry Birchbox… it’s not you, it’s me…… wait…. the other way around…

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