Bridal Shower Dress 2- Slightly Saucy

For my second pick (See Bridal Shower Dress 1- Simple & Sweet) I chose a dress that I found at T.J. Maxx for $19. (similar $20, $368)It’s not quite the normal bridal shower dress because it’s a little… ummm… revealing. But that’s exactly why I threw it into the mix- for a little spunk!

It’s a Malloy cut-out dress that is cut right down to the belly button.  I even had to buy a new bra for it ($27)! The fabric of the dress has a faint embossed pattern that’s surprisingly pretty and adds a nice detail to the white dress.

I asked the boy what he thought of it on and he said, “Well… I can see your boob, which I don’t think is a problem!.” The bra changed that little issue pretty quickly.

It might just be a little too saucy, but hey- it was just $19. If I don’t use it for a bridal shower, maybe I can use it for my bachelorette party!

What do you think… is it too sexy for a family event? Have you seen any dresses that would be perfect for a bridal shower lately?

Molloy Cutout Dress TJ Maxx $19

Molloy Cutout Dress TJ Maxx $19

2 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Dress 2- Slightly Saucy

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