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My wedding is coming up in 92 days. I realized this the other day when I was going through my Macy’s registry page and saw the little day ticker on the right hand corner of the web page and realized that it was no longer a three-digit number. I’m used to a vague date in the long-away future- Oct 12, 2013. For the past year that date has equated- someday. Recently, whenever people ask when the wedding date is, the response I inevitably get is, “Wow, that’s really soon.” Thank you for stating the obvious and sending me into a hot sweat.

bridetipWe got engaged two years ago, so I’ve had a fair amount time to get used to the idea and solidify a few important plans, like the dress, location and caterer, but it’s the other things that have started to blow my mind lately. Pinterest, the peg-board style website that has helped me keep wedding ideas in order has been my DIY inspiration throughout this whole process, but recently it’s become the bane of my life.

Going through wedding ‘pins,’ no longer fills me excitement, instead it reminds me of the amount of time I don’t have to finish up little details and shows me perfectly made craft projects I should have started working on when the boy and I first met.

However, I recently found a fun pin I thought would be easy enough to tackle in an afternoon, and it didn’t have anything to do with glue or glitter.

Bridetip #48” What the rest of the tips are, I don’t know. “Splurging on a new perfume is a great way to capture the day’s memories: Every time you smell the fragrance, your mind will be brought back to your wedding.”

Sure- I thought- I can do that, easy! So I strapped on some cute shoes and made my way to the South Bay Galleria.

(Now is when I make it sound like this took me just a single afternoon, and not five independent trips to different perfume counters to find the perfect scent…)

I came with ideas in hand but immediately stopped making perfume suggestions when I tired to pronounce “Givenchy” Give-en-chee? Nope, try again. It’s jhee-von-SHEE. Whoops! I knew I could pronounce Cartier and Prada, but I decided to stop trying and instead asked the saleslady for perfume (par-fume) that smells like jasmine. (I figured that was a safe bet).

Michael Kors ($98)

Michael Kors ($98)

We went in a circle around the counter smelling cute little bottles like Kate Spade New York “Live Colorfully,” (1.7 oz. $68) and Hanae Mori ($68) -which I also got a pronunciation lecture on. Giorgio Armani’s slightly masculine but Acqua di Gio (1.7 oz. $62) gave me pause and against the woman’s suggestion, I really liked the lilac and peony-scented Arpège ‘Éclat d’Arpège’ Eau de Parfum Spray (1.7 oz. $75).  The sensuous original Mark Jacobs (1.7 oz. $75) scent also tempted my nose for a time…

I was looking for something light and fun, a scent that would remind me of the place we’re getting married and wouldn’t overpower my guests when they come in for a hug. We’re getting married outside by the ocean in a beautiful courtyard in October- wow do you translate that into a scent?

With Michael Kors (1.7 oz. $78), that’s how. The moment she spritzed the amber fragrance on my wrist- I was in love. So of course I said thank you, walked around the mall a bit more and came back in a few days to buy a bottle of the magic potion. (I’m not an impulse shopper- I was sure to go to the same saleslady as before, don’t worry!)

My everyday fall-winter scent has been Diesel’s ‘Fuel for Life,’ for the past six years, so buying a new fragrance was a big step- I’m not very good with change.

“Michael Kors is tuberose reinvented. Creamy florals explode into exotic spices, tamed by Moroccan incense. A fragrant creation with a wealth of personality that will capture the heart of every woman.”

I have no idea how the ‘parfum’ was tamed by Moroccan incense (I’m picturing a leather whip), but I can definitely smell the fressia and ‘white wings’ peony. The combination of light lilies and musk is really what hooked me, and my boy immediately asked me what I was wearing when I walked into the house wearing it. I’ll take that as a good sign- one more thing checked off my list! Bring it on October!

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