Brunch wear

Pier Plaza in Hermosa Beach was hoppin’ on Saturday afternoon because of the hot summer weather, cool beach breeze and many thirst-quenching establishments.

26-year-old Mai Tran from San Francisco joined a group of friends for a fun afternoon brunch at American Junkie to sample the food, cheap refreshments and socialize with old and new friends.

Mai stood out among the crowd in a cute high-waisted black drape twist-top vegan leather Sienna Sabo skirt ($46) along with a tucked-in floral tank top (similar $29.95) from Urban Renewal.

I have yet to find a doppelganger for her gorgeous Charlotte Russe bib necklace (closest so far $25), but I’m still looking!

What’s your favorite brunch outfit?

Mai Tran in Hermosa Beach

Mai Tran in Hermosa Beach

4 thoughts on “Brunch wear

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