Pull out your old jean jackets

Jean jackets are back!

I say that with enthusiasm not because I think they are particularly stylish, but because when I thought they were, I seriously stocked up. I had about five ($70, $189)  of my own from when I was in… gasp… middle school… (and they still fit!)

When an old style is recycled and made new again, it’s always fun to go through old clothes and find the forgotten duds that were once loved, and take them out to be loved even more once again. Luckily, I save everything, and now I can finally pull them out of the box in the garage and change up my fall wardrobe with some fun old school jean jackets…(the boy won’t like this one bit…)

One thing I noticed while walking along the Strand in  Hermosa Beach on a particularly crowded day was that that seems to be what everybody else is doing— recycling old jackets— or perhaps the old styles haven’t really changed that much in 15 years.

I guess denim and buttons can’t be fashioned a million different ways, but I suppose I expected some additional 2013 pizzaz! Not the hot glue gun bedazzled type, but maybe a different fit or flare… I guess I’ll have to pull my ole jean jackets out of their boxes and show off my ‘vintage’ style sense.

Perhaps like people, it’s what’s inside that counts…  or at least what’s under the jean jacket.

jean jacket

2 thoughts on “Pull out your old jean jackets

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