Pure Perfection

I recently went through an extensive search to find the perfect perfume for my wedding day. While poking my nose around in other perfume bottles, I felt a little guilty- like I was cheating on my everyday scent. So I figured it’s time to give my usual perfume it’s time in the sun.

I found my favorite summer-scent a couple of years ago when I first moved to California and was looking for the perfect easy breezy smell. It really didn’t take me long to find the perfect California-esque perfume- pureDKNY (1.7 oz $65) was the embodiment of sand, sun and the California lifestyle, and since moving here it’s been on my body almost everyday.

“Look good. Feel good. Do good. This pure new scent adds a drop of vanilla to a world that needs a moment of calm. More than a fragrance, it embraces a way of being that takes time out for the simple things, the things closest to the heart: love, joy, comfort, relationships, and community. The fragrance’s top notes soar of the pure scent of vanilla. Accords of dewdrop petal, lotus flower, and Bulgarian rose harmonize with a floral heart of jasmine, freesia and lush orchid. It finishes in a cradle of warmth: white amber, creamy sandalwood.”

Like most perfume explanations, I don’t quite understand that one… but it really does “embrace a way of being.” It’s a calming, clean scent that quickly adapts to my own scent creating a wonderfully deep yet light and playful scent that lingers for hours.

Give it a try next time you’re in the perfume section and come back when you’re finished shopping… I can almost guarantee that you’ll pick up a bottle of your own after the perfume settles into your skin and creates your own perfect scent.

Pure DKNY perfume (1.7 oz. $65)

Pure DKNY perfume (1.7 oz. $65)


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