Bright and Bold

Cutie Chrystal Clark was busted being adorable on the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza a couple of weekends ago after having brunch with a couple of friends.

What caught my eye was her spunky mix of colors and her amazing off the shoulder top (similar $66, $59). Her beachy flip flops added a laid-back flair to the look and her long necklace pulled the ensemble together.

Her bold lace maxi skirt (similar $22, $44, $35 ) also intrigued me, and inspired me to check out what other new skirt styles are out there!

My new favorite, and one I’ll definitely be trying out soon- is this awesome fringe skirt from Urban Outfitters ($49). Like Chrystal’s skirt it’s intriguing without being too gaudy.

“It feels kinda sexy,” said Chrystal, about her skirt. “It’s almost a mini skirt, but not. It’s provocative without being too bold.”

I’m also totally into her bright coral handbag (similar $50, $54, $194)!

Chrystal Clark

Chrystal Clark

2 thoughts on “Bright and Bold

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