Invisible Zinc

Sun Shield

For most of the country, summer is just cooling down. In California- summer is finally starting to HEAT UP!

August and September are the two best months in the entire year- June gloom (and usually July gloom) has finally burned off, and along the usually 70 degree coast, temperatures are starting to heat up and entire days beg to be spent at the beach.

Instead of baking and peeling in the sun for a dark suntanned glow, like I would have done in the past, I’ve started to really care about taking care of my skin- especially my face.

Which is why when I lived in Australia (check out other fun Aussie products) under absolutely no ozone layer, I picked up a fancy little product called ‘Invisible Zinc.’

The sleek silver lipstick-like bottle contains absolute stopping power and protection from the sun’s crazy skin-crushing rays. One of my favorite products- and one I still use every time I go to the beach, is their UV Silk Shield Foundation (~$50). It’s a stick of foundation that goes on smoothly, and is like a shield from the sun. Plus- it seriously lasts all day.

The only problem I’ve had is that I worry about it clogging up my pores- it hasn’t done much zit damage so far, but that’s probably because I scrub my face really well at the end of a sun-filled day.

Invisible Zinc ($50)

Invisible Zinc ($50)

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