Fashion Flop

I feel like I have not done my duty as a serious South Bay Fashion blogger…. this is bad.

I forgot to introduce you to a beach bum’s day-to-day staple- the Havaianas flip flop.

I beg your pardon for such a glaring beach fashion faux pas and I am sorry to have misled you for so long about what covers each and every South Bay girl’s feet at least once every day.

It may be simple, and it may lack the glitz and glam of Hollywood- but trust me, I’ll bet every Hollywood star has at LEAST five pairs of these- but it’s what every single girl this side of LA wears to work AND to the beach.

So, without further adieu… the Havianna flip flop… (I got mine on local’s day for 20% off at Becker’s Surfboards in Hermosa Beach)

Havaianas ($26-$32)

Havaianas ($26-$32)

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