Weekend Guest: Under the Boardwalk with Melanee

I don’t spend nearly enough time in Manhattan Beach- the style is a little different than Hermosa Beach, but I haven’t been able to put my finger on what the difference is yet… Check out Ryan Chua’s photos of Manhattan Beach’s Melenee. Can you pinpoint a style difference? Have a great weekend! ~Strand Style Stalker


First word that popped in my head when I saw Melanee for the first time: WOW. She had on this colorful maxi dress that just spelled A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when we found ourselves together at the parking lot. We then said our hellos and proceeded to meet Elizabeth at the Manhattan Beach boardwalk (see previous post)! Melanee’s original idea was to shoot under the boardwalk, but we decided to shoot around the beach-side houses first and then made our way down to the boardwalk. We were lucky to have great lighting that morning, which made for some amazing shots under the boardwalk! (See our little Instagram video). She was also really fun to shoot with!

Backtrack a few months ago, I started following Melanee on Instagram when I was surfing through Elizabeth’s recent photos. Since then we’ve become really good virtual friends and have made it our goal to…

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