Fuel for Life

This is a really mean post. I say that because I’m featuring my favorite perfume, but unfortunately- it’s been discontinued. It can be found very rarely online, and whenever I find it, I snatch it up. I bought it first in 2007, and the boy always talks about the first time we met whenever I wear it…. so I encourage him to buy me bottles whenever possible…

Diesel ‘Fuel for Life,’ ($47) is an amazing fragrance that isn’t too fruity or to heavy, but just perfect. I think it smells a little like the Michael Kors perfume I got for my wedding…

“This elegant, eau de parfum spray by Diesel works well for all types of social interactions. Pleasant top notes of mandarin and pink pepper mingle well with hints of black currant, musk, and more.”

My absolute favorite part about researching fragrances is reading the descriptions… “Works well for all types of social interactions…”? Who writes that kind of stuff…

Diesel 'Fuel for Life' ($47.90)

Diesel ‘Fuel for Life’ ($47.90)

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