Hammitt Abbott Kinney fringe bag

Fringe is Back

You heard it here first folks, fringe is back!

Luckily, my favorite L.A-based handbag designer, Hammitt Handbags– has taken note and designed the perfect cross body fringed handbag ($387) Hammitt’s Abbott Kinney sold out fast, but luckily other designers are quickly catching on and fringe-style bags are popping up all over the place. From expensive and luxurious to one-season totes, they are everywhere and in every color ($435, $59, $1,895, $248)

I bought mine on a whim, but have ended up using it for just about every style of outfit. I add it to a casual trip to the store, layer it on the way to work and even use it to jazz up a fancy evening out. It’s a little funky, but that extra bit of fun makes it more universal that I ever imagined.

Abbott Kinney crossbody Hammitt Handbag (~$387)

Abbott Kinney crossbody Hammitt Handbag (~$387)

7 thoughts on “Fringe is Back

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