Rose Bowl Beads

My favorite place to be on the second Sunday of every month, and one of the only things I actually get up early for on the weekends (besides Bloody Mary Sunday) is the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea market.

Rose bowl flea market

The first time I went, all the booths and awesome vintage finds blew my mind, and my brain went slightly insane and I lost the my group, but didn’t really care, and continued to wander around the market until I was on the brink of a heat stroke. The second time we went I learned my lesson, stayed with the group and walked the stalls in a very organized manner. They threatened me with a child leash if I behaved like the last time…


Rose bowl beads

This new found discipline (and leash threat) led me to an much better second experience and I even found a ton of amazing things, like this great necklace of glass beads. I suppose most people would buy it for a project, but I bought it to add to otherwise bland outfits, and it’s great! I had to harangle the seller down from $45 to $10… and play a little hard ball for some little glass balls, but that is why I love the Rose Bowl.

3 thoughts on “Rose Bowl Beads

  1. I forgot to add what is next Saturday… made you curious, huh?!
    For six more weeks we are planning a photo challenge which started out children related but I expanded it with an “adult topic”: outfit of the day.
    I can add your link to your post if you wish to join us. Did I ever introduce myself, now that I am bombing you with so many comments? (I really like your blog – can you tell?! HAHA) My name is Eszter. Nice to meet you!
    And here is my post from last Saturday:

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