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I’m not Sari

Sometimes I go a little overboard… okay, okay frequently I go a little overboard.

When I find a style I like, I tend to search out all other versions of it and stock up. My new obsession, and style that I have been hoarding- is the colorful and amazing Indian sari look(check out Pinterest board ‘who’s Sari now?’). I love everything about them; the randomness of the colors, the softness of the fabrics and especially their already-worn look.

I first discovered the Kantha Sari look when I registered for wedding things on Pottery Barn. The Found Authentic Kantha Throw ($129), a beautiful cotton blanket, was definitely on my top five wedding present list- and when we got it, I jumped for joy (literally!). It adds a beautiful touch of color to our living room and is definitely a unique piece.

Pottery Barn Found Authentic Kantha Throw ($129)

Pottery Barn Found Authentic Kantha Throw ($129)

I’m not sure if it’s really made with fabric from Indian women’s favorite saris… but it’s still beautiful!

It was then that I realized that my trusty beach bag was also made of the same type of fabric— I got it off when the site was just starting and things weren’t seriously overpriced. But whatever the price of the bag (which I think was ~$50), it was definitely worth it. It’s bright and colorful and had been super durable so far.

Beach bag from

Beach bag from

Finally, when I was rummaging around the Anthropologie sale section, I found my favorite piece of all- the Prana Clutch ($128). I’m more of a simple handbag kinda gal, but this one totally drew me in. I’m super obsessed! Strangely enough, the bright colors and funky design make it eclectic enough to match with almost anything. Turns out these awesome bags are out of stock online, but they’re being sold for a HUGE markup on eBay. Luckily, I got mine on sale for ($39)! It was definitely an impulse buy, but who can pass by this awesome little clutch? I sure can’t!

Anthropologie Prana Clutch ($128)

Anthropologie Prana Clutch ($128)

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