Engineering a Project

I’ve been pretty MIA recently because I’ve been working on a couple of slightly epic projects- mostly my wedding (that’s in two weeks!), but also some other projects that are all slightly wedding associated- but not really.

My first one was to replicate a pin I found on Pinterest a couple of months ago. It’s a simple yet genius idea using a 36″ x 48″ engineering print from Staples– for just $7.29! The boy and I decided to finally knock this one off the ole check list after we steam washed our carpets and were waiting for them to dry. We had an entire empty living room, and for some reason it sounded like a fun project at the time.

There was definitely a lot of trial-and-error on this project, but in the end I think it worked out pretty well! (Also, do not place engineering print on slightly damp carpet)

Step 1: Organize the frames you want to use on top of the paper. Place them in the appropriate positions, and cut those suckers out!

Step 1- Place your photo frames in the appropriate position.

Step 1- Place your photo frames in the appropriate position.

Step 2:

Step 2:

Step 2: Whoops

Step 2: Realize you did it wrong and start all over again.

No really! A couple of tips and suggestions for the placement of the frames- When selecting an image for this project, make sure you have chosen one with enough detail to make sure each individual frame has enough content to tie it back to the larger picture. We screwed up because we made the two smaller frames on the right out of non-descript water. It would have been better on the left where there is a lot of beach activity.

Also- various Staples stores have different printers. We printed our first one at the local shop then had to print our second  one at a different shop because they were out of paper, and the second print was HORRIBLE. If it doesn’t come out well, try another shop (and ask for your money back). Also- lighten the photo up a bit before sending it to be printed. The ink will automatically darken the image on the final printed product.

It didn't really look right...

It didn’t really look right…

Notice how the two on the right don’t really work with the whole picture? I thought that adding a fifth frame on the right would help even it out, but in the end we just went for a bigger frame.

Step 3: Prearrange the photos on the floor after inserting them into the correct frames. Line them up and make any adjustments you need before hanging the project.

Final product

Final product

Step 4: Do your best to line them up straight, while also connecting the images together as best you can. (We didn’t really line them up right… we’ll fix it later… or never)


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