Bridal shower white dress

The perfect white dress

Finding the perfect bridal shower dress took me longer than finding my wedding dress. Maybe it was the fact that I was going to be in a room with family and old friends I haven’t seen for awhile, and I wanted to look bangin’, or maybe it was the simple fact that I don’t own a single white dress. I began the process way earlier than most people would even dream of white dress shopping- and bought way too many white dresses (five in all). In the end, I pared it down to three possibilities.

All of the dresses are slightly different, but most of them are white or white-ish (and one is a little wild!).

Bridal shower dresses

Express, T.J. Maxx, Urban Outfitters

This first dress is from my favorite shop, Express. I’m in LOVE with the skater style ($27), and this one is fit and flare like the skater style and also has a strapless-looking lace top (on sale $61). I think it’s cute and a little sassy- but mostly cute. Whatcha think?

For my second pick (See Bridal Shower Dress 1- Simple & Sweet) I chose a dress that I found at T.J. Maxx for $19. (similar $20, $368)It’s not quite the normal bridal shower dress because it’s a little… ummm… revealing. But that’s exactly why I threw it into the mix- for a little spunk!

It’s a Malloy cutout dress that is cut right down to the belly button.  I even had to buy a new bra for it ($27)! The fabric of the dress has a faint embossed pattern that’s surprisingly pretty and adds a nice detail to the outfit.

I asked the boy what he thought of it on and he said, “Well… I can see your boob, which I don’t think is a problem!” The bra changed that little issue pretty quickly.

It might just be a little too saucy, but hey- it was just $19. If I don’t use it for a bridal shower, maybe I can use it for my bachelorette party!

What do you think… is it too sexy for a family event? Have you seen any dresses that would be perfect for a bridal shower lately?

And now for a much more obvious and pretty darn literal dress- the Urban Outfitters Heart Cutout Back dress ($54).

I originally found it on Pinterest when I searched for ‘bridal shower dress,’ and fell in love. Usually when I like something on Pinterest it’s sold out or unavailable. Surprise! Those one actually existed.

I was stoked… It’s not available in-store, so I had to buy it online- but I took the gamble, and it’s great! (See dresses 1- Simple & Sweet and 2- Slightly Saucy) It’s super cute, but I’m not sure people won’t leave the bridal shower laughing at my heart back and how cliché my outfit choice was. Although… it is kind of cute. How many times can you wear a heart-backed ivory dress? This might be my only chance!

The thing I like best about it is that the fabric is very structured, yet chic- like my usual go-to favorite, Calvin Klein dresses.

I think this would be a safe choice- and I would be comfortable in it for an entire afternoon. I’d have to think very seriously about the accessories… big and bold or simple and sweet….. hmmmmmm.

So what do you think?

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