Girl Crush

I have a girl crush.Yup… it’s true, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I guess now it’s time to let it out- Cindy Whitehead– I want to be your best friend. You down?

Although- I think everybody wants to be her BF. That’s because she’s a pretty awesome gal! She started out as a pro skateboarder, and now she’s totally killing it as a sports stylist and advocate for bad-ass chicks everywhere.

She recently started a product line featuring her ‘Girl is NOT a 4 letter word‘ saying. Check out her site and her other rockin’ clothes. I especially love this T because it’s one-size fits all, and it’s super soft. I definitely suggest you get one of your own… also, be sure to check out her ‘It’s Not About Pretty‘ blog ASAP… I especially like that her social media links say, ‘Stalk Me’. Okay Cindy, I will!

One thought on “Girl Crush

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