Weekend Guest: Moroccan Inspired Fashion

Please check out some amazing Moroccan fashion pieces from one of my favorite bloggers- My Faves Journal. I love the Isabella Fiore Moroccan Vibe Printed Tote and pretty much everything else! She always gets it spot on.

Have a great weekend!
~Strand Style Stalker


1/ Theodora & Callum – Camo Multi Berber Tie All Scarf 2/ Parides – Gypsia Banjara Leggings 3/ Sophia & Chloe – French Kiss Rose Gold Necklace 4/ Isabella Fiore – Morocco Vibe Printed Tote 5/ Ann Taylor – Eryn Mosaic Print Kitten Heels

Has this ever happened to you? Something of which you were initially unaware is brought to your attention by someone, and then you begin to see it everywhere! I spent some time  with my family this weekend and shared in their excitement about their imminent trip to Morocco and Turkey.  We looked through travel and tourism guides and looked at images of where they would be visiting. I knew very little about either region previously, but sure enough, while engaging in my typical weekend ritual of perusing stores, surfing the web and scouring my pile of fashion magazines, I was inundated with Moroccan inspired prints in J.Crew’s Holiday Fall 2013Bibhu Mohapatra’s 2013, and Lakme’s Winter collections.

So, to add a little worldliness to your everyday look, see above for some fabulous foreign culture inspired prints and tantalizing textures that I found. If you hadn’t noticed these styles before, don’t worry…you will now! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


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