The Best White Dress

I’ll be the first to admit that I made a slightly larger than necessary issue about finding the perfect white dress for wedding events… and for that I’m not ashamed.

Unfortunately, I totally dropped the ball when it came to the rehearsal dinner outfit. Yup… I pretty much forgot about that. Luckily, I took the week before my wedding off from work to remedy those little wedding details I forgot… (Other forgetful things THAT CAME TOGETHER IN THE END included all wedding associated music, center pieces and finding a makeup artist and hair stylist)

ASTR Cutout Faux Leather Dress ($68)

ASTR Cutout Faux Leather Dress ($68) Photo by Patrick Fallon

Our rehearsal dinner invitation was super casual and was set at a really great bar called Tequilas in San Clemente. It has a great open roof that is the perfect space for a fun event (or grooms dinner). The sunset was beautiful, the weather was even better and all of my favorite people were there!

Off the shoulder sequin dress from T.J. Maxx ($30)

Off the shoulder sequin dress from T.J. Maxx ($30)

However, before the event I was sent into a little bit of a panic because my lack of outfit options. I recently lost some weight (30 + pounds while on Weight Watchers) so really I’m starting a wardrobe from scratch. All of my old dresses were baggy and looked wonky, so I set out on a quest to find a fun dinner dress for the night before the wedding. White optional!

I started at T.J. Maxx and ended up with a really resort wear type dress that made my boobs look HUGE and an off the shoulder sequined dress. Of course I went with the sequins…

Unfortunately, the invitation said “Wear your shorts and flip flops.”

I mollified my worries by telling myself that it was my wedding, and I could wear what I wanted… until I tried the dress on at home and realized that it was WAY over the top for a casual dinner. Plus, it itched.

(Can you really be too dressed up?)

So I tromped back to T.J. Maxx and exchanged it for an awesome scarf that I told myself I’d use way more than the dress…. and some hand soap.


Well… lucky for me I was looking for a little something sexy for the wedding night and I ended up at Nordstrom. In a random moment I checked out the ‘last chance’ rack and found the perfect dress ($68). Yes it was leather, and a little sexy… but I was in love. It was also white. Ding ding ding!

It wasn’t too fancy, and it wasn’t super casual, so I figured I could get away with it.

I think it was the best white wedding event dress I found all year! The best part is, it’s not too bridal so I can wear it for lots of other events.



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