3 Sisters Restorasis Saved my Skin

As you guys know, I don’t blog about products that I don’t absolutely 100% love… which is why when I do blog about a product you better believe that I think it’s amazing!

When I got 3 Sisters Restorasis ($171) in the mail I had no idea what a change it would make for my skin. I was about two months away from my wedding (a time you don’t want to mess around with your skin care routine!) but because of the natural ingredients and how gentle yet effective the product claimed to be I decided to give it a try.

Boy am I glad I did!

I’m especially glad I had the product after I got a particularly aggressive chemical peel and needed something that would be not just gentle but also work!

“3 Sisters Restorasis is a two step Hydro-BioMimetic Skin Regeneration System created by Dr. Jeanne Oconnell and her sisters at their award winning Medical Aesthetic and Wellness clinic in Frederick, MD. Their pioneering work with thousands of patients has enabled them to perfect a proprietary skin care technology which employs accelerated dermal hydration to aid and enhance in the repair of aged, neglected, abused and sun damaged skin.” -their Facebook page says.

3 Sisters Restorasis

3 Sisters Restorasis ($171)

The product comes in two parts- the purple Rehydrating Complex Activator and the white bottle that is the Rehydrating Skin Repair Complex.

You’re supposed to spritz the activator on your face and it apparently opens pores and helps your other products penetrate better as well as gives your skin a hydrating boost. To be honest- this was the best part of the system. There have been times when I just needed a little bit of a face pick me up, and this does the trick. I also have been using it with other products instead of just the skin repair complex. It also was a face saver when skin was flaking off my face during the chemical peel healing process. I honestly attribute my quick healing to this amazing product.

The Rehydrating Skin Repair Complex is definitely a different kind of product. At first I thought it was the second step that locked in the moisture… but it turns out that it does way more than just moisturize. Since it’s so light, it can actually be used with all my other products. Which means, that instead of replacing my moisturizer, it actually is just another healthy step in my morning and evening beauty routine. But beware- because of the natural ingredients the smell is definitely different. It has a slight black licorice-type smell took a little bit to get used to.

I really don’t often say this – but this stuff really works. I have a couple of dry and even a couple of oily spots on my face as well as acne on my chin, and within a week I noticed that my skin had evened out and my acne was going away. Also – the surface of my skin was super smooth. I originally thought that it was because of my hormone cycle, but after using it for a month I noticed that I didn’t have the usual fluctuations in my skin. Fluke? That’s what I thought… until I had my chemical peel.

For the first week I used only what the doctor recommended – plus a few spritzes of the soothing rehydrating complex. By the second week, when I felt like I could experiment with something additional – my skin was still pretty gnarly. Using both products together plus my original moisturizer definitely helped to speed the recovery process along and allow my skin to heal better (check out my daily progress picture). Even after the wedding and the chemical peel I’m still using the products… because they actually work!

The chemical peel definitely did a lot to change the surface of my skin, but before I had that procedure the 3 Sisters products were working their magic on my sun damaged skin. Now, even after the peel I’m continuing to use these products because of how they make my skin look and feel. I’ve never used anything like them!


*3 Sisters has provided me with a sample of their Hydro-BioMimetic Skin Regeneration System for purposes of providing a review. I received the product at no charge to me and I am under no obligation to return the product but can keep it for my own personal use.


One thought on “3 Sisters Restorasis Saved my Skin

  1. I have been using the 3 Sisters product for over a year and I LOVE it. It has made a huge improvement in my skin. I highly recommend it for all skin types.

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