A Functional Closet is a Fantastic Thing

I spent the last two months carefully reorganizing my closet, and wanted to share the finished product!

I started my crazy organizing project by buying new velvet touch hangers (35 for $10) and replacing all my old random colored plastic ones. I was able to put about a third of my closet away in storage, and put the rest back up on the new hangers. From there I took a couple days off (definitely do this multiple times) and came back to the donating pile with fresh eyes, and was able to pair down a lot of the too big and damaged pieces as well as a few pieces I once loved- but haven’t worn for awhile.

When going through your clothes ask yourself, “If I were in the store right now, would I buy this?” If you’re on the fence – it’s time to toss it. Also weed out any shirts or pants that are damaged and either get them fixed or throw them away. If they need to be tailored – now’s your time to pull them out and get them fixed. If you love a piece, but it no longer fits – toss (or donate) it. If it’s unflattering, the wrong color or you’re not sure- ask a friend. (She might want some of your donated items) When in doubt, take it out! 

The biggest change I made was the way I hung my hangers once everything went back up – backwards. That way, every time I use an item of clothing, I can put it back in the closet the correct way and after a couple of months I’ll see more items to donate- because they’ll still be hanging the wrong way! How genius is that?

I also replaced old warn boxes with tote bags that I don’t use that often – and added Christmas lights to the inside for a little more light.

I bought a two tiered stool so I can use more vertical space while also being able to access it and also went to Michaels and bought cardboard cones that fit perfectly inside my boots to help prop them up and prevent worn spots.

Organizing my clothes in my closet took a bit of time to figure out, but in the end I hung the dresses up starting on the left, from black to white- ending in skirts. Since it’s fall I brought out my most used jackets and organized them from black to white and moved on to long sleeved shirts, bundling the collared shirts together- and finally on to short sleeve and sleeveless. My belts were hung on a U shaped hanger and scarves were moved to the opposite end for better access.

I also went through other closets in the house and found old things to help me organize – like an old peg board that I attached a leather string to and used to hang up my sunglasses. I also repurposed wine bottles and a colorful plate to hold my perfume and bracelets.

My favorite jewelry got taken out of my jewelry box and displayed on the end of my armoire that faces my closet for easier access and inspiration. I even put some of my favorite pieces in a shadow box for a cute display.

The shoe portion of my closet got a thorough cleaning and I removed some old shoes with worn heels and other defects and brought them to be fixed. Uncomfortable shoes also got an upgrade when I stocked up on gel inserts and leather items got cleaned up with a cocoanut oil rub. I took out any shoes that hadn’t been used for awhile and put them on top of the closet in a long, clear box and all the others got organized by type and season in a black target shoe organizer and Bed Bath & Beyond short four drawer dresser.

All-in-all the multiple months of cleaning were worth it because I know where everything is and there isn’t anything left that looks iffy on my body. (At least that’s what I think!) It’s cut down time on my morning routine because everything is within reach, and I’ve been integrating more accessories into my outfits because they’re more out in the open and I remember to use them.

Mostly it just feels good to look at a well organized closet.

What are your organizing secrets?


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