My Favorite Things – November

This month’s favorite things have a slight theme – black leather. It all started when I fell in love with a Andrew Marc leather jacket with satin turquoise lining that I found at the local Nordstrom Rack ($636 – $219 at the Rack), and from there it went a little out of control.

My most recent purchase, and probably my favorite of the entire year – was a beautiful pair of black leather Coach Dorothy high boots (similar $298). Both of these pieces were probably my biggest purchases of the year (s) and I reconciled my spending with a massive amount of gift cards, and the Cost Per Wear ratio.

Total cost of the item/ estimated number of days you’ll wear it = the cost per wear (Thanks for this deadly theory Mickey!)

So that means if I bought the leather jacket for $219 and wore it 60 times this year – that would really make the jacket $3.65. And if I wear it the same amount of time for five years – well that makes the jacket a steal at 73 cents a time. I know that’s going a little overboard and justifying something silly… but the cost per wear idea has saved me a lot of money on things I would only wear a couple of times.  (Also how I save money on a daily basis. “Would I rather buy this now or save for something better later?”)

So instead of going out and buying a new winter coat that would only be stylish for this season, I instead chose to buy something that would last for multiple years and be a wardrobe staple. Plus, the weather in California is pretty much always perfect leather jacket weather in the winter.


1. Andrew Marc leather jacket 2. Coach Dorothy Wedge Boot 3. Kelly & Katie Dandy Leopart Flat 4. BCBGeneration Leather Necklace 5. Conair Velcro Rollers

The Kelly & Katie Dandy Leopard flat ($59.99) was a replacement Target purchase ($17.99) for a shoe that is a prime example of the price per wear theory. (I wore the Target shoes too many times, they got smelly and weren’t good quality- so they got thrown out.) For some reason I wasn’t a fan of animal print in the past, but this season it’s definitely starting to grow on me. I wear muted colors anyway, so a pop of something bright and funky is a nice change from my usual flip flops. Plus, they’re soft like a kitty! (But not a real kitty, that’s gross)

The BCBGeneration leather necklace was a random find at Macy’s ($35) that I scooped up right before my wedding to add a little ba bling to my closet.

My final favorite thing this month has been a cheap set of velcro rollers ($8.74). Allure Magazine featured a great piece on using velcro rollers on dry hair to glam up flat hair and it totally works! All I do is add the two biggest sizes to the top of my head, spritz it with a little hairspray, blast it with the hairdryer’s hot setting and set it with a blast of cold before taking them out and BAM – actual volume on my fine-haired usually volumeless head.

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