How to Pull of Boots When You’re Petite

I’ve been cursing my short legs lately because of all the beautiful over the knee boots. Luckily Long and Luxe has us covered with a few steps to help us pint sized fashionistas pull off the big boot look.

How to Wear Tall Boots if You Are Short or Petite.”

This post goes out with a joyously stylish heart to someone who just may know who she is when she reads this. And it goes out to all the fabulously petite fashionistas who wish – and deserve – to rock the dangerously sexy over-the-knee boot look this fall.

sarah-jessica-parker-carrie-bradshaw26The time is now, loves. You may be short but your style sense is a mile long. You can wear this look. No matter your height, you only live once. I want this for you and what follows are five easy ways for you to get it.

Think Carrie Bradshaw, of course! Who better to demonstrate the proper way to wear this style? (The answer is no one, there is no one else. Well, aside from you very soon.) The answer lies in lengthening. Every single thing about your entire outfit must make you look long and lean.

Try these five simple guidelines to wear tall boots best:

lindsay_lohan_gucci_boots1. Find boots that are a solid dark color, preferably all black, the entire length of the boot. Stick to few embellishments. You are going for the appearance of a lengthy, sleek line.

2. Wear boots that have a very high stiletto heel. We’re talking high as you can stand – remember Carrie’s confidence in heels when she tells Dolce and Gabanna to “put me up there with the big gals.” Stack ‘em high, love.

3. Look for a boot that has long pointy toes. The pointier toe visually extends your leg that much further. A squared or even rounded toe will stop you, ahem, short.

4. The rest of your outfit should be body skimming. You get the idea: skinny jeans or leggings and a close hugging sweater or fitted jacket. This naturally draws the eye up and down without breaking up your svelte silhouette.

5. Try piling your hair up in a high, voluminous bun.  This will show off your neck and amp up the perception of your height.

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