A Perfect Purse Match

Happy New Year!!! I’m going to start the year off easy, with something every woman (broad, over reaching statement – but true!)  loves – handbags!

I feel like finding the perfect handbag is like finding the perfect boyfriend. At first, you like the look of it and it’s all about style, but in the end it’s functionality that wins out. On a recent shopping trip to Macy’s over the holidays, I found the perfect match – The Stanthorpe shoulder bag ($297.99). It originally caught my eye because of it’s soft leather and rounded corner design – but after going home empty handed (come on, I can’t afford that!) I brooded for a couple of days until I found an awesome Macy’s coupon, and the bag was soon mine!

Like all women – the last handbag I bought I said would be the last, but this time I’m serious! The Stanthorpe and a large structured bag like the Hammitt Brentwood ($675) or the Limited’s Large Trapezoid Tote ($79.95) are all I need. The Stanthorpe is small enough to grab on the way out the door and not be too bulky, and it carries all the things I need on a normal day out. And the Hammitt and Limited Totes are my go-to work bags because of their perfect size to fit all my journalism junk.

Now to my new years resolution – be more organized (oh, and don’t be a crazy person).

To kick this year off right, I did one simple thing – organized my handbags and filled them with everything I need. So here it is, spilled onto my blog… all the contents of my go to bags.

Hammitt Brentwood Grand

Hammitt Brentwood Grand

I made two distinct bags – a work and weekend bag – and decided that this year, instead of changing the contents of my bags every time I want a new look, I’d have them ready to grab and go. So far, I’ve been pretty successful at keeping to the program.

Michael Kors Stanthorpe Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors Stanthorpe Shoulder Bag

Each has some of the same things, but certain little knick knacks make each one more or less functional for their specific purpose. My work bag has a notebook, recorder, brush and my favorite pen – while my weekend bag has red lipstick, lipgloss and more cosmetic things for a night on the town, or just at the local bar – or for a lazy night on my neighbor’s couch. The most important thing that goes in my work bag – that I unfortunately forgot because I was using it while taking the pictures – is my iPad.

So go fourth – make a super simple new year’s resolution and clean out your bags! It’s definitely been a big help for me in the past few weeks. I’ll keep you updated on if I continue to stay organized…

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