Winter Warm Up


Meggan Durbin in Hermosa Beach

Winter in Southern California brings out the lazy in the locals. Lately I’ve been searching the beach for some stylish chicks, but most South Bay women just wander the strand in bulky sweatshirts and workout apparel (of course almost always with a stylish Hammitt on their arm). Luckily, I hit the jackpot on Monday when I found Meggan Durbin, 30, walking the beach with her friend.

I love her simple yet stylish layered walking-the-beach look that anybody could easily pull off with what’s currently in their closet.

Her black Nordstrom dress (similar $58) pairs perfectly with a graphic cardigan ($38, $36, $34.90), and her simple Sanuk shoes ($55) are the perfect shoe for an afternoon strolling the Strand.

I’m definitely going to shave my legs and give Meggan’s simple yet fashionable Southern California outfit a try!

Sanuk Shoes ($55)

Sanuk Shoes ($55)

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